Eggs in Pot of Boiling Water

Eggs in Pot of Boiling Water - Free High Resolution Photo

Eggs in Pot of Boiling Water - Free High Resolution Photo - Dimensions: 3888 × 2592

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Free high resolution photo of eggs in a pot of boiling water. Hard boiled eggs are easy to make and are a simple, nutritious snack. They are also great when crumbled on a salad. The easiest way to make hard boiled eggs is to put the eggs in a pot of cold water, bring it to a boil then remove from the heat and let stand for 30 minutes. Cool the eggs at once by running them under cold water. But the real trick with hard boiled eggs is not to use eggs that are too fresh. The older the egg, the more air there is between the shell and the egg itself, making them much easier to peel. This picture is free for any use.

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