Pie Pumpkin Cut in Half

Pie Pumpkin Cut in Half - Free High Resolution Photo

Pie Pumpkin Cut in Half - Free High Resolution Photo - Dimensions: 3888 × 2592

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Free high resolution close up photo of a pie pumpkin cut in half. The seeds and pulp are still intact, waiting to be cleaned out so the pumpkin can be cooked and made into pie. Pie pumpkins are a squash vegetable, they are generally both smaller and sweeter than standard jack-0-lantern type pumpkins, and have more meat and less space inside. I suppose if pumpkins are vegetables, it sort of begs the question, can a serving pumpkin pie be considered a serving of vegetables? Guess I’ll save that one for folks more qualified than I am. Pumpkin can also be used to make soup, and for a variety of other classic fall or autumn recipes. This picture is free for any use.

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